Portland Food Photographer- Sundaes!

storyboard014I call these adult sundaes.  Although, when my shoot was all said and done it looked like a toddler got a hold of his mom’s spoon and really went to town throwing ice cream everywhere. Either way I had adults in mind when I came up with this concoction.  Yes, that’s right, I made my own sundae recipe.  (So this post isn’t 100% about photography… just 95%.)  I guess I had to start somewhere easy when it came to creating a recipe… sundae’s aren’t rocket science.

Recipe: Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream, Trader Joe’s Carmel Waffle Cookies (they take place of a waffle cone), Carmel Sauce and sprinkle with Sea Salt.  There are a few shots where I skipped the salt and added whip cream and dark red cherries instead.  Both versions were awesome.   I know, because I made bowl after bowl and eventually ate all the bowls throughout the remainder of the week.  …I have an addiction with ice cream.








I don’t have an assistant with all my shoots, but when I do, it’s amazing.  It’s so nice having an extra hand.  I always let my assistants set-up their own shots and take their own images.  I learn by doing not watching and I assume a lot of people fall into the same boat.  This is Christiane Butler, she’s awesome!  Thanks Christiane.  🙂

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