Portland Food Photographer- Pacific Pie Co.



Pie, anyone?  Pacific Pie Co. is the greatest little find in SE Portland.  I came across the cafe after spending all day at a Newspace.  I sat down and enjoyed one of their savory pies filled with pulled pork, sweet potatoes and amazing BBQ sauce drizzled on top plus a bonus sweet pie- chocolate peanut butter!  It was amazing.  I snapped a few photos while I ate and thought to myself “this would make a great photo story.”  I asked Sarah if I could come back and take photos of all the action, from making the pie crust, to baking to serving foodies their quaint cafe.  Sarah and Chris, her husband and the Australian mind behind the Aussie-style pies, we’re very gracious to me and allowed me to snap away.  I appreciate Sarah and Chris (and their lovely employees) allowing me to photograph behind the scenes of this amazing place.  Sarah and I are going to try and work on an official story and send this great idea off to a few magazines in the Northwest.  Hopefully, next time you read about Pacific Pie Co. it will be in gloss.  Definitely check out this place and tell them Aubrie sent you.  (PS. On my second visit I had a slice of the Bourbon-Chocolate-Hazelnut and it was delicious!)  Enjoy the photos.

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