Portland Drink Photographer- Imbibe/Aquavit

Happy Friday! Do you want a special way to celebrate the weekend (and for no particular reason other than it’s the weekend)? How about some aquavit cocktails? Or better yet- an aquavit flight, so you can smell and taste the different nuances, followed by an aquavit forward cocktail, say Blod & Skär, and then Sunday morning you should have an aquavit bloody mary with your favorite brunch bites. Basically- spend a weekend at Broder Cafe on NE Clinton Street (say hi to Sean who more than likely will behind the bar) and have yourself an awesome aquavit adventure.

Why the push for aquavit? Apparently it’s not as well known as you may think. But if you’re a Portlander reading this there is a good chance you’ve tried aquavit. There are few distilleries rocking aquavit in the U.S – Portland has three. House Spirits (aka Westward Whiskey) distills Krogastad and Rolling River makes four styles of aquavit and Bull Run Distillery has Reg Nig Dag Aquavit. Plus the founder of Aquavit Week (which is now an international event) was started by our very own Jacob Grier. And the cherry on top- we have Broder. We have Broders- plural. An amazing restaurant serving up Scandanivan food that boasts the largest West Coast aquavit selection. So, ya, Portlanders probably know about aquavit.

If you don’t know about aquavit, you should. First I would start by grabbing a copy of the September-October issue of Imbibe Magazine. It has a fantastic article (by Jessica Voelker) about aquavit, options on where to find aquavits, and some stunning cocktail recipes for you to try at home. If you live in Portland (or close enough) I would suggest checking out Broder Cafe– ask them to pour you a flight of aquavits. If you’re into the spirit buy a bottle and let the concoctions roll.

To my other audience- what’s up Midwest?!- there are a lot of aquavit options in the Midwest too. Check out Long Road Distillers in Grand Rapids, Michigan (there ya go, mom). And North Shore Distillery in Illinois.

A quick shot out to a small family-run distillery in Hoodsport, Washington that I know for a fact makes dill aquavit (because a bottle is on my bar right now) check out the Hardware Distillery Co.

On to the photos- I obviously did a photoshoot for the Imbibe article. Sean at Broder Cafe was amazing and I had so much fun with this shoot. Thank you, Sean. …Enjoy the photos.


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