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I did a photoshoot for an Imbibe story titled “All Together Now” a fascinating look at the new (to us) world of co-fermentation beverages. Co-fermentation, a technique that is not new, but definitely making a come back, is unlike traditional winemaking. It’s working with what is available, combining wine grapes with fruit and creating… a wine? cider? According to the creators, it’s both!

You can use a “Piquette-style” method by taking the skins from wine fermentation, rehydrating them with the juice of fruit and allow the yeast to ferment the two into a delicious beverage. Or, you can combine the juices of crushed grapes and crushed fruit and allow them to co-ferment together, as our Oregon friends over at Art + Science do. Winemaker Dan Rinke and his wife, Kim Hamblin, say co-fermentation is a way to celebrate what their land has to offer. Symbiosis was their first co-fermentation project- it combines the juice of Grüner Veltliner and apples. And apparently, it’s pretty popular. I keep seeing the beautiful bottle (that showcases Kim’s artistic abilities) all over the place and have read from friends that it’s one of their favorite drinks. I have a bottle at home- and I’m waiting for the perfect moment to pop it open and indulge.

Art + Science (based in Sheridan, Oregon) have a few more co-fermentation waiting for release. A Sauvignon Blanc + pear combo (which sounds amazing) and a fermented mix of Mondeuse Noir, Pinot Noir, plums, apples and pears that will be named FruitNat. If these beverages are enticing your taste buds I suggest a purse through the Imbibe article to read-up on all things co-fermentation and then check out Art + Science’s wine, ciders, and co-fermented drinks! As for me, I think the time for me to taste Symbiosis is… tonight! There is no better time than the present.

Dan and Kim- you were wonderful to work with and photograph. I had so much fun at your winery (despite the gray drizzle). I learned a lot and really appreciate you taking the time to chat with me and sending me home with a few bottles. I will do my best to get the word out about Art + Science and all the delicious things you are doing. I hope you enjoy the article and the images.

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