Portland Drink Photographer- Cascade St. Vodka

I did another round of cocktail photos for Cascade Street Potato Vodka. I am loading them up with yummy Instagram images. I love their curated IG feed, it’s looking great. Be sure to check them out at @cascadestreetpotatovodka where they give viewers classic cocktail recipes and insights.

I’ve recently been sent a few vodkas and of course took home some Cascade Street. I decided to do a vodka tasting with my neighbors one night- just to see what everyone thought. We tasted Portland Potato Vodka, Vido Vodka, Headwind Vodka, and of course, Cascade Street. My friends all liked Cascade Street vodka the best. Not that there’s anything wrong with the other vodkas- it just happened to be my friend’s favorite. Grab a bottle at any Portland liquor store and let me know what you think!

Enjoy all the pretty cocktails. It ranges from bloody marys to vodka sodas to salted dogs.

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