Portland Drink Photographer- Cascade St. Vodka

I love photographing cocktails. There is something sexy about liquid and ice in glassware… isn’t there? Or is that just me? Okay, what really gets me going on photographing cocktails is the lighting. They play well with all types of light- harsh and soft. Food typically enjoys soft light, although the trend for harsh light on food is definitely in demand at the moment. (Can I be really frank… I don’t like it! ha!)

Sorry for my honest intro. I think it’s because it’s after 5:00 (I usually write blog posts during the day) and I am already enjoying a vodka cocktail using a fantastic Portland Oregon, Vodka- Cascade Street Potato Vodka. I thought it was a fitting drink since I was about to post photos from our recent photoshoot together. I’m sure you have heard of Wild Roots liquors. (That famous Marionberry infused Vodka?) Well, the owners of Wild Roots decided to create Cascade Street Vodka. “Cascade Street Potato Vodka is 5x distilled, gluten-free, and cut with pristine water for an ultra-smooth, premium finish.”

One of their tag lines is to “elevate your martini.” Now since I started this post with honesty, I’ll finish it with honesty. I am a gin martini drinker. Sorry, Cascade. BUT- if you’re a vodka martini drinker, definitely check out Cascade Street. I will use the vodka for my Moscow Mules and Bloody Marys. Cheers!

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