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My latest assignment for 1859 was for their Game Changer piece featuring the wonderful coalition, Deep Roots. Deep Roots Coalition (or DRC) “promotes sustainable and terroir-driven viticulture without irrigation.” In other words- we live in Oregon where it rains. A lot. And they’re just saying… hey, use the rain, forgo the irrigation.

Terroir is how a particular region’s climate, terrain and soils affect the taste of wine. Technically, irrigation is interrupting the natural terroir and it’s not sustainable. I’ll be honest, some stories I cover are a little over my head because I don’t understand the nuances of wine making, or distilleries, etc. This story was like… “oh. that make sense.” Things are always more complicated though, so I suggest reading the article in 1859 and checking out Deep Roots’ website. …I’m just here for the visuals.

For the photo shoot, I met with John Paul, owner, and winemaker of Cameron Winery. Cameron Winery is one of the founding members of Deep Roots. When I arrived at Cameron winery it was pissing rain. Typically photographers want anything but rain on their photo shoots. For this story, I was happy to see the gray dreary sky and droplets of rain on everything. Naturally, though, John Paul and I did not want to hang out in the rain (plus it was January- so cold rain!) I noticed all the work gear (boots, overalls, gloves) covered in wet droplets and thought it was an interesting way to talk about rain without being outside with an umbrella. And…it worked! 1859 loved the random idea.

We did some shots in the barrel room and we did eventually venture outside- water spots were all over both of our glasses. John Paul’s wine dogs also helped me, they were great assistants. It was a great photo shoot and a very interesting story that I hope you all check out. Unfortunately, I don’t have the tear sheets to share like I usually do. Due to the COVID situation, the crew at 1859 isn’t currently working. All the more reason to grab a physical copy- on stands now.

PS. Cameron Winery makes delicious wines… definitely check them out!

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