Portland Drink Photographer- Pastry Stouts

I received another fun assignment from one of my favorite publications to photograph for… Imbibe Magazine. This time I photographed pastry stouts and the three-man-brewing-team over at Great Notion. (Side note, they also have AMAZING IPA’s, which is my favorite.) Pastry stouts are nostalgic brews that bring out the kid in you. Wha it would be like if your favorite hot fudge sundae was turned into a beer? Or brews mimicking your favorite candy bar? They’re fun and delicious. If you’re interested in reading about pastry stouts and the brewers that are making these dark beverages, read the article “Sweet Tooth” in the November-December issue of Imbibe. And for those living in Portland, go visit Great Notion and check out all the delicious beers these creative guys are making. Cheers!

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