Portland Drink Photographer- Voila Coffee

There is a courageous ambition afoot in the coffee world- instant coffee! Yes, coffee lovers typically throw their nose in the air when it comes to instant. But if it’s done right, I think instant coffee has a place on all our coffee cup shelves. For me personally, I love to camp and backpack and we definitely pack the instant coffee. I would love to bring better (and local!) instant coffee with me on my trips. Enter Kent Sheridan of Voila Coffee who “sees an opportunity for no-nonsense coffee drinkers who want great flavor minus the air of elitism.” I don’t want to be a coffee snob when I roll out of my sleeping bag, hair a mess and cold… but I do want a good cup of Jo to wake me up!

No- nonsense was not Kent’s attitude during our hilarious photoshoot for the Imbibe article “The Future is Now.” (Yup, you guessed it- a large story all about instant coffee, including some history lessons!) Kent wanted to have fun and show the world that you can drink instant coffee…anywhere! For example, maybe you want a good cup of coffee while you’re bowling. I met up with Kent at the Beaverton’s Kingpin bowling alley and we did just that… we drank instant coffee while bowling and playing arcade games. It was a hilarious shoot and I was so happy to capture Kent’s enthusiasm for instant coffee.

Check out the article in Imbibe’s current issue and check out Voila Coffee for some instant satisfaction! Enjoy the photos.

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