Portland Food Photographer- 1859 Libations

I was stoked when 1859 Oregon’s Magazine contacted me to photograph the cover for the March/April issue. The theme- libations! Um, yes, please! If you follow my photography at all you’ll notice I have no shortage of cocktail/drink images. Shhh, don’t tell food, but drinks are my favorite. So when an amazing magazine asks you to photograph your favorite subject for a cover- let’s just say it made my day, week and month. Plus- it’s March… and March is when this girl turns one year older. It’s a fun way to celebrate my birthday- cheers to 1859, cheers to Portland for being the best city to sip lovely cocktails and cheers to one more lap around the sun.

I thought I would post a few outtakes from my photo session over at Angel Face. Leah, the beautiful bartender was amazing to work with. And my assistant, Christie, was fabulous- she even did some modelling for me. (Thanks, girl!)

I hope you enjoy the photos and grab a copy of 1859 when you see it on the stands. (Ps. That first martini shot- I cropped it afterwards- it had space for the header…I didn’t want you to think I was a ninny. lol.)

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