Portland Food Photographer- Donuts

Portland Food Photographer

Doughnuts? or Donuts?  Which is your preference?  Mine is donuts.  But regardless your spelling preference these little round babies are delicious.  Who doesn’t love a good donut?  If you’re in the pro-donut clan, today is your lucky day- it’s National Donut Day!  Now, I know you can get a free donut at Krispie Kreme or Dunkin today (I don’t even think we have a Dunkin?) but, if you want to celebrate the holiday correctly, skip the freebies and muster up some patience (because there will be a line) and go get a Blue Star Donut.  Or if you’re in the NE Portland area- swing by Pip’s Original Dougnuts.  …Notice Blue Star goes with “donut” and Pip’s uses “doughnuts” ha!

My donut photos are from Blue Star.  So did I make these donuts?  The answer is definitely, no.  I don’t see that as cheating because this blog is about food photography, not baking.  While I do love sharing recipes, I’m better off talking to you about composition and props than how to create the perfect donut.  Speaking of props- a shout out to Beam and Anchor for the beautiful rolling pin that you’ll see and AHeriloom for the cake stand.  So this post is simply just for fun.  I had the donuts (lemon poppyseed) on hand for a different project and I could not just stand by and not do a mini photo shoot.  So this is just some fun donut photos to get awake your taste buds for National Donut Day.  Enjoy!

Portland Food PhotographerPortland Food PhotographerPortland Food PhotographerPortland Food PhotographerPortland Food PhotographerPortland Food Photographer

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