Portland Food Photographer- Feast 2019

Another fabulous Feast Portland has come and gone. But the memories of scrumptious bites and fantastic drinks still remains. It’s been over two months since the annual feasting event took place. Back in September, Feast Portland celebrated its eighth year by kicking it off with a new competition event; East Coast vs. West Coast. Main events (like Smoked, Night Market and Brunch Village) gathered thousands of foodies to big event spaces across Portland metro. Fun-size events dotted the Portland map as well with a tighter food theme- like “Late, Late Show: Noodles!” and the first-ever kid-friendly event, “Melty.” Dinners, classes, drink tanks, and after-parties rounded out the four-day food frenzy. And it is all for a good cause…to end hunger in Oregon. Proceeds from the event are donated to Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon and Urban Gleaners.

I am one of the lucky people in the food-photographer-world that has the honor of being a staff photographer for the event. Feast is a blast to photograph and I feel privileged to walk around and take delicious food photos. Little Green Pickle is the best to work for! And the other photographers that were hustling with me are amazing. (And boy, do we hustle! It’s fun… it’s also A LOT of work.) Every year has been a great experience, I look forward to Feast 2020 and all that it brings.

Every year I post my photos in a slightly different way. This year is just a big mash of all of my favorite images. I am “Fun-Size girl” when it comes to photographing the events. I have more photos from the fun-size events (like Noodles, Melty, Vaguely Spanish) then I do have Main events. …No Smoked or Brunch this year, sorry. I love photographing the fun-size events and I would encourage you to check out the fun-size schedule next year. Enjoy the photos!

PS. I list my three favorite bites and my favorite drink from the whole event at the end of this post.

You would think I would eat everything in sight while shooting Feast, but that’s not actually the case. We’re too busy to gorge ourselves… but we do get to snag bites, typically when we’re done working. (At least that’s how I roll.) I say that because I did not try everything at Feast, nor did I even try everything in my photos. I do know that if I am still thinking about something I ate two months after the event, that it must have been delicious and a favorite. So here are my four favorite things I ate at Feast 2019.

Maya Lovelace (Yonder, Mae) made the most delicious “Redneck Grilled Cheese” with mozzarella, smoked black pepper white cheddar, country ham and Oregon marionberry jam grilled with Duke’s mayo. It was stupid good. I’d pay for another bite right now.
Han Ly Hwang (Kim Jong Grillin) had a wicked line going at Night Market and for good reason! His hotteok was out of this world. It’s a Korean pancake… only Han filled it with some sort of savory glass noddle. (If I’m recalling correctly.) Regardless- it was a hit!
Althea Grey Potter (Oui! Wine Bar) created a beautiful braised pork belly dish, at Vaguely Spanish. Braised pork belly, garbanzos, olives, parsley, almonds, and manchego-saffron ranch. I remember eating it and all of a sudden I was like- what am I tasting? This is divine.
Aria Gin is already my favorite gin. But then they went and made a frozen gin and tonic and I thought I died and went to heaven. Aria dry gin, Driftwest Water Kefir (Guava Mango Passionfruit), Jack Rudy Extra Bitter Tonic.
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