Portland Food Photographer- Feisty Lamb

Portland Food Photographer

If you’re into filling your belly with yummy, comforting foods, you have to pick up the February issue of Portland Monthly.  Do not read it hungry because you will instantly become “hangry.”  The issue is all about comfort food and the photos of what you could be knawing on will inevitably have drool spots on them.  No, I wasn’t the photographer (Stuart Mullenberg was in charge of that project.)  However, I was lucky enough to photograph the Feisty Lamb for the Eat & Drink section.  The restaurant fits right into the comfort food idea, I mean who wouldn’t feel all warm inside after eating a curry waffle topped with a lamb belly and fried egg?

There is definitely a story here… from how the “feisty lamb” herself, Micha Edelstein, moved to Portland to her crazy decor to how she runs her unique restaurant and of course, her amazing flavors and concoctions.  I would not do you any favors if I tried to share the story here.  I thought the writer, Karen Brooks, wrote a great piece in a comical way, using the five stages of grief, to introduce Portland to the Feisty Lamb.  So, I wold encourage you to read her words and I will stick with what I do best- photography. The next time you’re looking for a unique place, with wonderful flavors and have all the time in the world I would highly recommend you visit Feisty Lamb and allow Micha to do what she does best, cook.  Enjoy the photos.

Portland Food PhotographerPortland Food PhotographerPortland Food Photographer

Food: Also featured (above) is the lamb burger with house cured bacon, fried potatoes and a tomato-pinot noir chutney. And the curry meatloaf.


Portland Food Photographer


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