Portland Food Photographer- Gabriel Pascuzzi

Wayyy back in May I photographed Gabriel Pascuzzi, head chef and owner of Stacked Sandwiches. The Food Network asked me to take a bunch, excuse me, an absurd amount of photos of Gabriel working to use in his introduction video for Beat Bobby Flay. I stuck a lens in his face for awhile. (The Food Network likes to have a plethora of action shots- think 15 images of slicing onions quickly.) Yup- my photos, for a quick second, actually aired on national TV! Pretty cool. The fun part though was meeting Gabriel himself- we had some laughs. And I enjoyed a rare treat- not only did I get to try Gabriel’s food but I was able to try other dishes outside of his amazing sandwiches. (Seriously though, Stacked is great. Go check it out.) I photographed him making fresh pasta. And then I tried his simple (not to make) pasta dish with loads of pepper and parmesan cheese. It ranked up there on one of the top five things I ate of 2018. Gabe… you should add that pasta dish randomly to the Stacked Sandwich lineup. Portlanders will thank me.

Back to Beat Bobby Flay- I didn’t really talk about the photo shoot or post any images until now because, um, well, I couldn’t. I was under a NDA and I wasn’t allowed to publish anything until the episode aired. …It aired! If you want to find out if Gabriel truly did beat Bobby Flay- you’ll have to check out episode 10 (Season 18) titled “Wrapping Up Victory.” If you visit iTunes and watch the preview for the episode you’ll see Gabriel’s intro video… and yes, my photos. If you don’t watch the whole show- at least go into Stacked (maybe ask for some fresh pasta) and tell him Aubrie said hello.

Of alllllll the photos I took- I narrowed it down to a few favorites. Shocking- there are lots of photos of pasta making, a few of Gabriel and maybe one or two sandwiches. Enjoy.

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