Portland Food Photographer- Ground Breaker Brewing

Have you been craving a cheeseburger (with an actual bun) and some good ol’ beer… but can’t partake in either because you are gluten intolerant? Well, rejoice! Ground Breaker Brewing and Gastropub is 100% Gluten Free! (They even have a sign on the door that says you can’t bring in anything that has gluten.) And they offer an array of beers and eats that are lacking in gluten, but not flavor.

My second assignment with Imbibe Magazine was to document the process of gluten-free brewing, snag a few portraits of owner James Neumeister and showcase the lovely beers and burgers offered at the Gastropub. After I was done shooting, head brewer Tyler Kueber, was also done working (he started at 6 AM) so I was lucky enough to sit down with him and try my first ever gluten-free beer. It was interesting to talk to him and find out exactly what goes into a gluten-free brew (lentils and chestnuts are big components) and how Ground Breaker started. Neumeister’s wife has celiac disease and he did not like the idea that his wife couldn’t enjoya a good beer . So he started Ground Breaker Brewing and the rest is history.

Actually, the rest of the story is in Imbibe Magazine. An interesting read! Make sure you pick up a copy (on stands now). …So was the beer good? Yup! Even though I can have gluten, I would gladly sit at the bar again and sip on a brew.

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