Portland Food Photographer- Lentil Dinner

Portland Food Photographer

Lentils and Utensils Dinner

I truly enjoyed the Lentils and Utensils dinner Monday night.  Who doesn’t enjoy a dinner hosted at Plaza Del Toro?!  It’s a beautiful space… fill it with some foodie friends and a wonderful meal and your night is set!  I really enjoyed the wine pairing too!  I thought every wine was delicious and complimented the courses.

Interesting facts on lentils:

  • Lentils are known as a “pulse crop” which are dry, edible seeds of legumes.
  • We all know green and split red lentils but there are also black Beluga lentils and French green lentils.
  • Canada is the world’s largest lentil producer.
  • These seeds are easy to cook and do not require soaking.
  • They are high in protein, fiber, and minerals.  And are low in fat and calories!

The dinner taught me how versatile these little babies are.  You can use them in salads, main dishes, breakfast, smoothies and even dessert! Yes, dessert.  The cardamom Lentil Crepe at the end of the dinner was fantastic. So I’ll vouch for lentils in desserts.

For more information and recipes using lentils check out www.lentils.org

Portland Food PhotographerPortland Food Photographer

Menu for the Lentils and Utensils Dinner. Chef Mike Kessler and Chef John Gorham.

  • Green Lentil Salad: roasted carrots, roasted beets, snap peas, pea shoots, lemon yogurt dressing
  • Calamari a la Plancha: black lentils, salsa verde, sofrita
  • Roast Quail: black and red lentil stuffing, herb oil, herb de’ Provence veloute
  • Green Lentil Cassoulet: duck confit, house made bacon, boudin blanc sausage
  • Cardamon Lentil Crepe: strawberries, creme fraiche ice cream

Portland Food PhotographerPortland Food PhotographerPortland Food PhotographerPortland Food Photographer

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