Portland Food Photographer- Montesacro

Montesacro Pinseria Romano is a quaint, beautiful restaurant in the Pearl neighborhood dishing up lovely Italian cuisine. They are new kids to the Pearl blocks, but I have a feeling they are here for the long haul. With dishes like Sott’Oli (marinated veggies) as a starter, a generous selection of pinsas (their mainstake) and Budino Al Cioccolate for dessert, they will have guests returning again and again for a little slice of Italy in Portland.

The Pearl Magazine asked me to photograph Montesacro for their latest issue, the food issue. It’s on stands now. And the cover is, of course, a photo of their mouth watering pinsa, charcuterie board and wine. A pinsa is not pizza! Although they have similarities, pizza dough requires wheat flour, a little water, and a lot of salt, while pinsa dough uses a wheat/soy/rice flour, more water and less salt, creating a lighter, airier crust. The pinsa on the cover is the Manella pisa that boasts flavors of mozzarella, broccolini, spicy pork sausage and stracciatella di burrata. Yes, I tried it and yes, it’s delicious!

They offer a lunch special for those of you working downtown (or looking for a new spot to do lunch). For $17 you can enjoy a green salad, margherita pinsa and an espresso. Fuel up on food, get your midday caffeine boost and head back out to finish the day!

I enjoyed photographing the restaurant for the magazine. I hope you get a chance to check them out next time you’re feeling like having Italian. Grab a copy of the magazine and enjoy these additional photos from my shoot.

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