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This will be an eclectic group of images. I promise, there is a theme. I had a free weekday and wanted to hit up a handful of places (yes, to eat and drink) around North Portland and Vancouver that had been on my list.

First, I love bagels. And I had not been to Bernstein Bagels– I had to see what all the rage was about. The bagels and the smears are so freaking good. So good that I took my husband back on Saturday. The first time I had a salt bagel with the lil mamas smear and the second time I tried their famous pumpernickel bagel with the same smear. So good. I want to eat bagels for every meal.

Moving onward- I headed over the bridge to Vancouver, Washington. I wanted to check in on the upcoming waterfront area along the Columbia River. It’s coming along. There is a very nice walkway, great views of the river and the bridge and there are a lot of (or soon will be) restaurants and places to have drinks outside. Maryhill Winery was having their opening week so I stopped in and tasted some of their wines. For $15 you get a decent amount of wines to taste (I want to say like 7 or 8) and the fee is waived if you buy a bottle. They are officially open and pouring now, so be sure to stop in and check out their wines.

Smitty’s was my next stop. I met B.J when I did a photoshoot for Thrillist. I hunt out with for the day as he grilled, chilled and drank Rainier. It was quite interesting and fun. I was so excited to hear about his new venture, Smitty’s Original Coney Island Hot Dogs. The idea came from his parent’s Coney Island restaurant in South Bend, Indiana. …I am from South Bend, Indiana. (BJ and I had fun reminiscing on Instagram- U.P Mall, lightning bugs, Notre Dame…) I told B.J it was very high on my list to go check out- and I didn’t waste a lot of time stopping by. Lucky enough, BJ was there when I walked in, so we got a chance to chat and I snarfed down an original coney dog, fries… and a Rainier. 😉

Last, but certainly not least, I visited Wonderly. (Okay, first I took a break from eating and drinking and did a little work at a coffee shop that had a unicorn theme.) Wonderly is a new cocktail bar off NE Fremont. Cocktail bars in general grab my attention, but after checking out their menu I bumped Wonderly up to high priority. I love the idea of “Martini/Manhattan and a half” …because one isn’t quite enough. And the Oil Washed Alaska was amazing. (That is the cocktail you’ll see in the photos.) I had a few bites too and they were delish! Atmosphere was great, bartenders were nice. I definitely recommend Wonderly. I just wish I lived closer so I could always go to their happy hour!

That wraps up my random Tuesday out and about. What should I hit up next? (And I’m sorry I didn’t take any photos of the unicorn coffee shop.)

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