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Pasta Dishes Portland Oregon

I never really had cable TV.  We did not have it growing up in my home.  If I had it in college (I can’t even remember) I didn’t have time to watch or really had better things to do with my time.  As an adult cable TV has been hit or miss.  I know for a fact that David and I have been together 8+ years and we never had cable TV until about 6 months ago or so.  All that to say I feel like I am a newbie to the Food Network.  I am obsessed with Chopped.  Apparently it’s been on for years and years (according to all my DVR’d episodes).  When I am in the kitchen (cleaning or cooking) I find it relaxing to have Giada At Home playing in the background.  There is something about her voice… and how everything is delicious and beautiful.  She is Italian (obviously, everyone knows this) so of course she creates a lot of pasta dishes.  Pasta has definitely been on the brain, so I cooked up two dinners involving those little carb treats. 🙂

The first dish I made was from Giada: Spicy Garlic & Anchovy Farfalle.  The anchovy paste really makes this dish tasty and different.  I added a little more red pepper flakes than she did.  The second pasta dish I made was really easy and did not follow a recipe.  I just took some mushroom ravioli and topped it with roasted red peppers, basil pesto and parmesan cheese.  Crusty  bread and wine were invited to both dinner. 😉  Enjoy the photos!

Pasta Dishes Portland Oregon

Pasta Dishes Portland OregonPasta Dishes Portland OregonPasta Dishes Portland OregonPasta Dishes Portland Oregon

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