Portland Food Photographer- Quaintrelle

If you’re tired of all this home-cooking and are looking to take a break from the dishes, then you need to check out Quaintrelle. Their seasonal menu is on fire right now. I mean, does anything not look appetizing in the lead photo? You can wipe the drool off your keyboard now.

Chef Ryley and the Quaintrelle team have been hard at work putting together a meal that is so delicious it will make you forget why you’re carrying around face masks. …Well that is until you have to venture to the bathroom to make space for another cocktail from Camille. (Keep those mouths covered when out and about!)

A few dishes you might spy while visiting the North Mississippi neighborhood restaurant: Trout roe, sunchoke², sour cream n’ onion… aka Ryley’s sour cream and onion nachos. Striped bass, preserved citrus, ceci stufato, almond, salsa verde- it feeds two and is absolutely gorgeous. Squash and hens yolk raviolo, rosemary, brown butter, parmesan- I don’t know if you caught my IG post on this dish but it’s still the best thing I’ve eaten in 2021. (I’ll let you know if anything comes close or bumps this pasta dish out of first place. But for now, it deserves a trophy.) And what’s in the bright green leaves you ask? Pork Belly Ssam!! Crispy squid, fermenty things, crunchy things, spicy things- doesn’t it look fun to eat?

And, naturally, Quaintrelle will make sure you have the perfect drink alongside your dinner- wine, beer, or one of Camille’s perfect cocktails. I only photographed one cocktail this time around but I did a shoot a few weeks ago with all of Quaintrelle’s togo cocktail options. I’ll add a few of those shots in at the end.

Enjoy the photos and go say hi to my friends at Quaintrelle- they will not disappoint.

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