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I met the wonderful ladies of RAFT Syrups last year at the Farmer Chef Connection.  I tried their syrups and fell in love.  Out of all the items I tried that day and out of all the people I spoke to RAFT stuck out in my mind.  I knew then that I wanted to blog about this awesome product and collaborate with RAFT.  This post has been a long time coming.

I contacted Sook & Roslynn and asked if they would be interested in working with a few fellow food bloggers.  They were totally stoked about the idea and set-up an evening affair for myself and two other girlfriends; Bee (The Spicy Bee) and Jenni (A Well Crafted Party).  They opened their home to us and taught us all about their botanical syrups, cocktails, how to make your own sparkling water and they told us what gins, bourbons and vodkas are on their list of favorites. (Check out Aviation Gin and Bull Run Distillery). We made our own cocktails from their brilliant recipes.  We drank, we laughed and we walked away with an amazing taste in our mouths.

RAFT Syrup Stats:

  • Owners: Sook Goh & Roslynn Tellvik
  • Website: http://raftsyrups.com
  • Flavors: Hibiscus Lavender, Lemon Ginger & Smoked Tea Vanilla
  • Products:  12.7 oz. glass bottle for $19 and a gift trio set of three 3.4 oz bottles for $29.00
  • Stockists: See Website
  • Slow-brewed in Portland, Oregon with organic botanicals and organic cane sugar.
  • Shelf life 9-12 months. Refrigerate after open- good for about 2 months.
  • 1 TBS. has 50 calories and 12 grams of sugar.

I had a lot of fun playing around with recipes and cocktails and of course taking photos along the way.  I had too much fun the first time around and I used all my syrups up  before I really busted the camera out.  I had no problem buying the syrups a second time (I’ll keep my house stocked with these syrups at all time) at The Meadow.

On to the good part… the drinks!  There are four recipes.  The Pink Panther and Fig Bourbon are RAFT’s recipes and the Hot Toddy and Raspberry-Lavender Soda are my own creations.  I hope you enjoy the photos. …And go buy the syrups!



storyboard005storyboard006storyboard007The last four photos are from the awesome evening we spent at Sook & Roslynn’s home.  Thank you again for having us and giving us the great opportunity to taste your beautiful syrups. I look forward to using them in cocktails, sodas… and maybe next I’ll try desserts!

Thank you Jenni and Bee for a great ladies night out.  Check out their posts too!




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