Portland Food Photographer- Salt with a Story

Portland Food Photographer

Salt with a Story | Grand Marnier

I found myself working again with Mark Bitterman… this time we weren’t grilling on salt blocks, instead, we were mixing cocktails! I was asked to photograph five cocktails in the back of his shop (The Meadow) while a big video production was happening in the front.  Mark worked with Grand Marnier on a project called “Salt with a Story.”  All the cocktails featured the famous orange cognac liqueur and unique salts.  Cineastas was the video production team and they were great to work with.  Miss Ashely Marti and Jenna Winkler were the awesome food (eh, drink) stylists.

You can find video clips, still photographs and recipes of the cocktails on Grand Marnier’s Instagram feed. (Check it out on your actual IG app because a lot of them are moving clips that you can’t see when visiting via the web.) I will also post the recipes here followed by an image.

The Grand Mezcal:  .5 oz Grand Marnier, 1.5 oz. Mezcal, .5 oz Fresh Lime Juice, top with Ginger Beer. Rim with Sal De Gusano Salt.

Portland Food Photographer

The Grand Marnier-ita:  .75 oz Grand Marnier, 1.25 oz Premium Tequila Anejo, .5 oz Fresh Lime Juice, .25 oz Orgeat, .25 oz Pomegranate Syrup. Rim with Bitter Orange Salt.

Portland Food Photographer

The Grand Palmona:  .5 oz Grand Marnier, 1.5 oz Premium Tequila Reposado, .75 oz Grapefruit Juice, .25 oz Grapefruit Syrup, top with Soda. Rim with Indian Ghost Pepper Salt.

Portland Food Photographer

The Grand Luxe:  .75 oz Grand Marnier, 1.25 oz Premium tequila Reposado, .5 oz Fresh Lime Juice, Mole Bitters. Rim with Bali Reef Fleur De Sel Seasalt.

Portland Food Photographer

The Grand Amer:  .75 oz Grand Marnier, 1 oz. Blanco Tequila, .25 oz Campari, .75 oz Fresh Lime Juice, .5 oz Agave. Rim with Takesumi Bamboo Salt.

Portland Food Photographer

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