Portland Food Photographer- Saveur Magazine

I am super excited to tell you that I photographed my first assignment for Saveur Magazine.  Not only was it my first assignment with this food magazine but the story I covered was thought-provoking and featured an amazing sushi chef, Kate Koo. (Plus I ate some mighty tasty sushi after shooting. Perks!)

The story talks about how hard it is to be a female sushi chef and the hurdles these ladies had to overcome to stand proudly behind a sushi counter.  Kate is one of those chefs and she’s been rocking the Portland sushi world for years now. She owns Zilla Sake where she is known for her traditional sashimi plates and an array of sake choices.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kate and photographing her portrait and her sushi skills.

You’ll have to grab a copy of the latest Saveur magazine and read not only this story but plenty of other amazing female accomplishments.  This issue is bad-ass… as all the people featured, all the writers and all the artists are… you guessed it, female.  Don’t get me wrong, men are awesome too.  I’m proud to work alongside both. But, this time, for this one issue, females are rocking the food magazine world.


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