Portland Food Photographer- Seth Morgen Long

I enjoyed meeting and photographing Seth Moregon Long, Chardonnay winemaker extraordinaire. Not because it was my first Imbibe Magazine assignment (that I was so excited about!!) but because he was a wonderful human being to chat with and spend the afternoon with. He loves what he does and he’s damn good at it too. Not in a pretentious way and not in a “I’m going to take over the wine world and rule Willamette Valley” type of way either. He knows what he likes (it’s Chardonnay grapes and winemaking) and he wants to focus on that, study the varietal, hone his craft and produce amazing wines for everyone to enjoy. He’s already making gorgeous wine (yes, I did go home with a bottle, so it’s not just a guess) and he’s doing it with a small label as an “alternating proprietorship.” From what I understand (aka in layman’s terms) he is “renting” out the space/equipment for winemaking using Larry Stone’s Lingua Franca winery. And much like everything else, he is grateful. My favorite thing about Seth was how much gratitude he had…towards everything! Including the grapes! You’ll see a photo below where he is smiling and touching the barrels. He is thanking the grapes, the process, the whole facility. And he did it in a way that was genuine and not corny. I think that gratitude and joy shows up in his wine bottles, that he hand dips the tops to each and every one. Please visit his website and check out his wines here. And I can’t write like the wonderful journalists at Imbibe- so definitely pick up a copy (on stands now) to read the entire article.

….Oh and… YAY!!! I’m in Imbibe Magazine. 🙂

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