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Kargi Go-Go’s Acharuli Khachapuri

To answer your first question, yes it’s delicious. To answer your second question- it’s called an Acharuli Khachapuri. A mouthful, I know. It’s basically an open-faced bread boat stuffed with cheese, butter and an easy egg. I mean- bread. cheese. butter. egg. How could you possibly go wrong? This wonderful food dish is from a tiny restaurant in NE Portland called Kargi Go-Go. They serve Georgian food- think dumplings and Orange Wine, not pork belly and collard greens. Think the country Georgia, not our lovely southern state.

I had an interesting assignment for Thrillist this year. Interesting and challenging for me because I had to follow some artistic guidelines. Instead of just- hey, go photograph this restaurant and these dishes… it was hey- go here and we want you to light it this way, use these angles AND add in this fabulous bright yellow and/or bright green fabric. 🙂 Lighting and angles can be a common request- but the fabrics were new to me and I enjoyed the challenge. It wasn’t my first color choice for food photography, but hey- I was able to keep the fabrics so I may surprise you one day and bust them back out. (I took a few images at Kargi Go-Go without the fabric, you’ll see these here. But with Canard, I didn’t really get the chance to do that.)

I covered two new Portland restaurants; Kargi Go-Go and Canard. I was able to try all the dishes after I photographed them and I can say… even cold … that they were all absolutely delicious. The Duck Stack (it also has an egg on top) from Canard blew my mind. And you’ve already heard that I was a big fan of the Acharuli Khachapuri. The fries… the dumplings… it was all delicious. Thrillist did a great job choosing these two restaurants as The Best New Restaurants of 2018. Here is the full article.

Kargi Go-Go
Kargi Go-Go
Canard: garlic fries and Paris Brest
Canard: Duck Stack
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