Portland Food Photographer- Tillamook

I was super stoked to work with Tillamook this summer. The local power-house dairy company has always been on the top of my list to work with. Who doesn’t love their cheese?! And their ice cream?…sour cream?…yogurt?… you get the point. You can open up my fridge at any given time and there will always be Tillamook products smiling back.

Tillamook is now part of the best airport in the country. (Okay, so PDX moved into second place this year according to some stupid survey, but we still think it’s the best still!) We have a new terminal at PDX…E! Terminal E hosts some amazing restaurants, shops, and stylish art installments. It’s a great terminal, be sure to visit E even if your flight is elsewhere. The Tillamook Market will provide travelers with their cheese fix- serving up grilled cheese, cheeseburgers, fried cheese curds, and mac n cheese. For that sweet fix they’ll have cones ready for your favorite Tillamook ice cream scoops.

And don’t forget the merch! Tillamook has cute coffee mugs and an insulated ice cream bowl that will keep your Oregon Strawberry from melting. Grab a cute bag and fill it with cheese blocks to bring home to your family.

It was great to work with the Tillamook team and see the new terminal at PDX. My food stylist, Andrea Slonecker, was amazing and it was awesome to work with her for the first time. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images and next time you’re flying be sure to stop by the Tillamook Market!

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