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TRAVEL PORTLAND MAGAZINE | Vegetarian Restaurants

I photographed my first assignment for Travel Portland titled “Veggin Out.”   It features five Portland restaurants that are rocking the vegetarian dining scene.  The four restaurants I visited are Aviv, Ichiza Kitchen, Tusk and Kati Thai.  (Farm Spirit is the fifth restaurant but I did not photograph them.)

Out of the four, I photographed I was able to try the dishes from Aviv and Kati Thai.  And they were delicious!  I brought home Kati Thai to my husband (who is A- a HUGE Thai fan and B- a BIG meat eater) and he absolutely loved it.  Sold on Tofu Pad Thai.  I enjoyed Aviv’s food too- the flavors are fantastic.  I need to go back for their brunch and try the Challah French Toast.  (PS. They also sell their hummus at New Season’s and it’s divine.)

Ichiza Kitchen is the quaintest place in Goose Hollow.  Cyrus Ichiza and his partner were the nicest people I’ve worked with.  I wanted to hug them when I left.  Their food is gorgeous- and the only reason I didn’t try the food is they ran the dishes to their adjoining neighbors or gave them to their regulars to try out their “Chicken” Adobo.  It’s on my list to visit!

If you’ve haven’t heard of Tusk you’ve been living in a hole. (Was that harsh?)  Joshua McFadden is a genius and he knows his way around a vegetable.  This has nothing to do with this assignment- but if you enjoy cooking at home you NEED his cookbook, “Six Seasons.”  Tusk is also on my list for brunch.  …Is there such a thing as a brunch crawl?

I don’t spell out what is in the article on purpose- because I want you to go grab a copy of Travel Portland Magazine and read it for yourself. 🙂  Grab a copy and stop by all these amazing restaurants and Veg Out!

Up first… Ichiza Kitchen (also lead photo)

Tusk (below)

Aviv (below)

Kati Thai (below)

And the article (Farm Spirit’s photos are not mine):

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