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Since I joined the Portland Bloggers I’ve met some amazing and talented people.  Meet Bee or otherwise known as Spicy Bee.  She loves hot food and creating spicy dishes hence… I also think the hot adjective fits her personality too- she comes with a little kick.  Bee is a wonderful cook and recipe designer, definitely check out her blog and start following her for some great foodie-ideas.  Bee and I collaborated on this mini project.  I wanted to practice styling and photographing food in my little “studio.”  My biggest problem with food photography is I’m not know for my cooking.  Yes, I have fun in the kitchen but I’m no expert.  So I asked Bee to cook me up some dishes to photograph.  She brought a little challenge, chili!  Food Photographers know that shooting chili and soups or really anything that is brown takes a little more effort than say a sweetly decorated cupcake. 🙂  I was up for the task though and enjoyed photographing not only her “Beef Chili with Ancho and Mole” (that’s the official name by the way) but she also prepared a Maple Habanero Cocktail (using Portland’s Potato Vodka) and to satisfy our sweet tooth she baked a Mole Lava Cake.  After the photo session my husband and I enjoyed the fruits of Bee’s labor and I can tell you everything was de-lic-ious!  I can’t wait for us to collaborate again… it was fun doing the photo shoot but in all honesty I just want to eat her creations again. Thanks Bee, it was a pleasure.  I hope everyone enjoys the photos.  (Bee will be posting these recipes on her blog so if you are interested be sure to follow her blog.)

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