Portland Food Photographer- Tasty n Sons



Tasty n Sons is another fantastic Portland restaurant.  Yes, PDX has a lot of wonderful restaurants.  They all have their little niche or their speciality.  For instance Tasty n Sons offers up a wonderful menu of tapas that you can enjoy in a family-style setting.  It’s like being seated around the kitchen table at home, except the table is a big wooden slab filled with other foodies and mom looks more like a 25-year-old hipster.  The wonderful wait staff brings out “smaller plates” or “bigger plates” as they are ready so you and your party can enjoy the food hot and fresh… or cold and fresh if you ordered something like Kyle’s homemade granola with cinnamon and apples.  I ordered three different things off the “smaller plates” menu starting with grilled bacon wrapped date with maple syrup- AMAZING.  (I’d go back to the restaurant just for those.)  I also tried the Open Faced Monte Cristo with spiced maple and to finish it off I enjoyed the Sautéed Spinach with a sunny side-up egg.  I sipped on a a fresh brewed cup of coffee while I enjoyed my brunch.  Everything was scrumptious and I definitely would recommend checking the rustic-yet modern-yet cozy restaurant out.  Of course they could have sat me in a bean bag chair and served everything in a plastic cup and I still would recommend it, after all we do go to these wonderful places for the food.

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