Portland Food Photographer- Two Tarts Bakery


I have an obsession with macaroons.  They are by far my favorite kind of treat, pastry, cookie… whatever name you want to stick on those sweet little bites.  Mmmmm.  On a beautiful fall day I was walking around Northwest Portland.  I stopped into one of my favorite shops, Manor Fine Wares, to ogle over their wonderful home decor items.  After my browsing I walked out the door and noticed around the corner there was this quaint bakery called Two Tarts.  I ventured in and low and behold they were creating macaroons.  Yes!  I talked to the lovely employees there and found out that Two Tarts has been around for years.  I had no idea!  I’ve walked 23rd so many times, I was shocked to find out there was a secret bakery hosting macaroons and other wonderful nibbles. Okay so they aren’t a secret bakery and many of you may already know about Two Tarts or maybe you are familiar with Palace Cakes, the sister bakery (same location).  Whether they are an old favorite or this blog was new news to you, be sure to head over to two tarts next time your craving something sweet.  Enjoy the photos.

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